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David Gollins (British) has worked in theatre all his life both as a scene designer and producer. In the 60's he was the founder and creator of a small theatre outside London called the Watermill Theatre.. (still running) and then followed a spell of 15 years as producer with the English National Opera in London. His inspiration, therefore as an artist, is the dramatic effects of stage lighting coupled with vast painted surfaces. 
He studied 'buon affresco' in Rome and has been able to absorb much of this ancient technique with the later chiaroscuro painting effects as used by the 17th and 18th century Italian Masters. He paints with the original earth pigments ground and tempered by himself on hand made surfaces of lime and marble powder. His pictures are built up by multi layers of transparent colour and glazes forming a luminosity...'rich and strange'. Exhibitions of his work have been seen in New York and Queensville, in America; London and Vienna as well as annual exhibitions in Umbria and Tuscany, where he now lives.

Da sinistra: Andrea Roggi, Giacomo Roggi e David Gollins alle "Logge della Mercanzia" a Montepulciano settembre 2007





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